Concern Yourself With Knowledge And Not Statements From Some Ahlu Sunnah Against Others From Ahlu Sunnah – Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad

Shaykh Abdul Mohson Al-Abbaad said, “What is obligatory on every Muslim is to take precautions regarding his religion and himself and that he does not thrust himself into issues whose harm will come back to him.

In fact, it is sincere advice between the Muslims that is obligatory and especially between Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah, advising one another, being good to one another, co-operating amongst each other upon good, warning each other from what [harm] they may fall into so that they can turn away from it – and after that the people are not divided into those [Salafis] who support this person [a particular Salafi scholar] against that one [another Salafi scholar] or that one [a Salafi student of knowledge] against this one [another Salafi student of knowledge].

Rather a person strives to make the truth the missing thing he is looking for, and he [should be someone who] loves good for everyone, such that he loves that a person who has made a mistake returns [to the truth].

As for the differing which takes place and busying one’s time with what happens between Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah in terms of the statements they [i.e. some scholars and/or students of knowledge have] made about each other and the students of knowledge [should not] pursue that and become busy with it, such that it becomes their one and only concern — then this does not befit a student of knowledge, in fact, the student of knowledge must desire to become busy with knowledge and not busy himself with, ‘So and so said and so and so said,’ it is not allowed for him to pursue the saying of so and so, and so and so, such that he has becoms busy with that because that results in rancour, enmity, boycotting, hatred and alienation [between himself and other Salafis] .

So what is obligatory: is mutual advice to one and other;…everyone is good to the other;…that he [the individual] loves good for himself and then co-operation upon righteousness and piety will occur.

As for splitting Ahlu Sunnah into [different groups of] disputants and quarrellers, each of them speaking about the other, calling each other innovators, slandering each other, boycotting each other — then there is no benefit in this, only harm.

It would have been fitting for [their] time to have been spent speaking about the enemies of the Sunnah who spread mischief in the land and do not rectify matters.

As for a person who is from Ahlu Sunnah but he has mistakes, then he is sincerely advised and debated with in a way that is best and keenness is to be shown for him to be guided and for him to be brought close and not for him to be alienated and thrown away and discarded.

So it is obligatory to be justly [balanced] and moderate in all matters and not to go to extremes or fall short.

As for the declaring of people [from Ahlu Sunnah] to be obstinate sinners (faasiqs) and innovators and the boycotting [that occurs] and so on, this is all from the handiwork of the Devil and from his plots against man.

Rather what is obligatory, as I indicated, is to be busy with knowledge and not to preoccupy oneself with the things that some of Ahlu Sunnah [i.e. some scholars and/or students of knowledge] say about each other, because that preoccupies [a person] from knowledge and detestable matters result from it like those that I alluded to earlier such as [Salafis] boycotting each other, and this is wrong— because if everyone who made a mistake were to be boycotted or if everyone who read his [the individual who erred] books or listened to him were to be boycotted, no one would be [left] exempt from that [action], because everyone is liable to make mistakes.

Plus some of the scholars – we don’t say many of the scholars – made mistakes, and the people did not boycott them or abandon them or leave their books, rather they benefitted from them, and the person who makes a mistake is rebutted, but that should not be a cause for people [i.e. some Salafis] to split into parties and factions, for that is from the Devil’s plot for man.”

Ref: From the shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaads explanation of Sunan Abu Dawud

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