Taking Knowledge From An Innovator Who Specialises In That Field Of Knowledge Or Taking From An Innovator Because You Can Not Find A Person Of Sunnah Teaching What He Is In Your Locality? – Shaykh Uthaymeen, Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd And Imam Malik

Shaykh Uthaymeen (rahimahuAllah) mentioned in his explanation of ‘Hilyatu Talab Al- ‘ilm’  by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd the following statement:

“It was narrated that (Imam) Malik  -rahimahuAllah- said: “Knowledge is not taken from four:

  1. a foolish person who publicises his foolishness, even if he was the most prolific narrator of hadeeth;
  2. a person of innovation who calls to it;
  3. a person who lies in the speech of the people, even if I don’t accuse him (of lying) in hadeeth
  4. and a noble, pious worshipper if he does not memories precisely what he narrates.” [As-Siyar, (8/61)]

(Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd in explanation of Imam Maliks statement): “So O you seeker of knowledge, if you are in a position of freedom of choice then do not take from a mubtadi (innovator); whether he be a Raafidhi(1), Kharaji(2), Muriji(3), Qadaree(4) or Qubooree(5)….etc. For you will never reach the level of (knowledgeable) men: correct in creed; strong in your association with Allaah; with strong vision and following the tracks (of the Salaf as-Saalih (righteous predecessors)) except by abandoning the innovators and their innovations.”

Shaykh Uthaymeen said in explanation of the above statement, “That which is apparent from the statement of the Shaykh (Bakr Abu Zayd) is that no knowledge is to be taken from innovators even if it’s in something that is not in relation to his innovation.

So for example, if we were to find an innovator that is proficient in the Arabic language; al-Balagha (eloquence), an-Nahw (grammar), as-Sarf (morphology of words) – do we sit with him and take knowledge from him in that which he is proficient in or do we boycott him?

What is apparent from the statement of the shaykh (Bakr Abu Zayd) is that we don’t sit with him because this imposes two evils:

The first evil: He (the innovator) deceives himself (to an extent) that he thinks he is upon the truth.

The second evil: The people being deceived by him, which causes the people and the students of knowledge to follow (the innovator) and take knowledge from him. Whilst the general layman is unable to differentiate between ‘ilm an-Nahw (the knowledge of Arabic grammar which he the innovator is proficient in) and the ilm al-Aqeedah (knowledge of Islamic beliefs).

Due to this, I see that a person should not sit with the people of innovation/desires completely, even if one does not find the knowledge of the Arabic language, al-Balagha and as-Sarf expect amongst them, for indeed Allaah will bring about someone even better than them (for people to learn Arabic with).

However, for us to simply go to them (the people of innovation) frequently, (that) will (be a) cause for them to become deluded by themselves and for the people to be deceived (and misled) by them.”

(Shaykh Uthaymeen went on to mention): “The author (Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd) warned against the people of innovation greatly and they are deserving of this. Particularly if the innovator is (persuasive and) eloquent in speech, because his evil will be more greater.”

Ref: explanation of Sh. Ibn al-Uthaymeen of ‘Hilyatu Talab Al- ‘ilm’  by Sh. Bakr Abu Zayd via daaruttawheed.com

Footnotes by AhluSunnahWalJamaah.Com:

1. Raafidhi – A follower of the extreme Shia sect which make up the majority of Iran today (2016), known as the Raafidah. They hold its halaal to make duaa to certain Muslim individuals and especially some dead members of the prophet Mohammeds family.

2. Kharaji -A follower of the Khawarij sect known in these times (2016) as Takfiris, Qutbis or Jihadis. They often declare the Muslim rulers as kuffar unjustly and physically rebel against them and verbally rebel against them, via openly saying negative things about the Muslim rulers publicly.

3. Muriji – A follower of the astray Murijiah sect. They hold good deeds do not increase iman and that bad deeds do not decrease iman along with other devations.

4. Qadaree – A follower of the innovated Qadriyyah sect who went astray in their understanding of Qadr. They hold that Allah doesn’t create or will mankind’s actions. The extreme ones hold Allah also has no knowledge of man’s actions until he performs them.

5. Qubooree – An individual who claims Islam but commits major shirk by performing different acts of worship to certain dead people.

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