Disscusing The Statement, “Whoever Does Not Make Tabdi Of An Innovator He Himself Becomes An Innovator” – Shaykh Sulayman Ar-Ruhaylee

Shaykh Sulaiyman Ar-Ruhaylee said, “It is said “Whoever doesn’t declare a kafir to be a kafir he himself becomes a kafir.”

He (some Muslims especially some Salafis) then carries this (principle) over to the issue of Tabdi (declaring another Muslim to be an innovator), “Whoever does not make Tabdi of the innovator he himself becomes an innovator.”

Has the bidah (innovaton) of this innovator been established that it is an actual bidah?

Or is it that he is a innovator in your personal opinion?

If it is the case that the bidah of this innovator has been established then make it clear to the one who does not see this issue to be a bidah.

Then (some) if they still you refusing (to make tabdi on the person they hold is an innovator, they start saying) you are “with him.”

Is this not oppression and a fabrication?

Where you compel the ummah to follow one man (i.e. one Salafi scholar) in his exertion excertion(ijtihad) of making tabdi (on the individual you subsequently held is an innovator), this is not permissible.

If the reason for his (the Salafi scholars) ijtihad (exertion) in making tabdi of this man was to protect the sunnah then may Allah reward him.

But it is not permissible for it to be said, “Whoever does not make tabdi of this man, he is an Innovator.”

As this would necessitate that we make tabdi of the scholars of the ummah who did not make tabdi of of this man, (a man who a) virtuous Scholar from the Scholars of the Muslims made tabdi of.

But we say this issue has got different possible scenarios:

The 1st situation

He (the individual who didnt make tabdi) knows his (the innovators) bidah and he doesn’t know any preventative factors that prevents tabdi being made of him but despite this he doesn’t make tabdi of him.

So concerning this person it is just and correct to say concerning him
“Whoever does not make tabdi of an innovator he himself is an Innovator.”

The 2nd situation

A man who’s mistake is known and it could be viewed (by some Salafi scholars) that his action is a bidah but he (those Salafi scholars who didn’t make tabdi on him) deem there to be a preventative factor when making their ijtihad (exertion) which prevents thrmm from making specific tabdi.

While there are present some from the (Salafi scholars) people of knowledge who do not deem this (what some over Salafi scholars classed as a preventative factor) to be a preventative factor.

So (in the above scenario the Salafi who does make tabdi of the person) we don’t censure this person and call him “Ghulaat (extremist)” and we don’t blame the other person (the Salafi in the above scenario who didnt make tabdi of the person) and say “Mumayee (one wHo waters down the Salafi manhaj towards innovators).”

Rather both of them are striving to implement the rulings of the sharia with the usool (foundations) of the Sharia (Islamic Law).

The 3rd situation

This is when the scholars differ (over whether the man’s actions were a bidah or a mistake) so some of them say this is a bidah and some of them say this is a mistake not a bidah, and they are the people of knowledge and insight (Salafi scholars) and all of them are on the correct usool (foundations – correct aqeedah and correct manhaj).

Thus in this case we acknowledge all of them as people of virtue and knowledge
therefore we don’t accuse them (any of the Salafi scholars involved in this diifering) of bidah and we also don’t blame them for making a mistake.

As long as this (differing) is based upon evidence and the foundations of the Shariah and the scholars have differed in their understanding. We don’t start bad mouthing the (Salafi) scholars as some of the foolish ones do.. (when they) spread such speech on the internet.

Plus they say “Ghulaat” and they say “The boycotters” and the likes of this kind of foolish speech (aimed at particular group of scholars or a particular individual scholar involved in this matter of scholarly differing).

It is not permissible to accuse them (Salafi scholars on either side of the matter) of making a mistake (in this matter) and by Allah we do not say, it is compulsory to follow them (the Salafi scholars) in everything that they say.

In addition we view (some of) them to be mistaken in some things that they say and we don’t take as our aqeedah (everything) what they say.

But wallahi (I swear by Allah) they are from the scholars of this ummah and the Mujahadeen, those that strove for the sake of the deen of Allah the mighty and majestic (to try and come up with a unified ruling upon the person accused of being an innovator).”

Ref: kulalsalafiyeen.com via salafibayaan.com

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