An Innovator Does Not Need To Have More Innovations With Him Than Sunnah – Shaykh Rabee

Shaykh Rabee said, “This (statement – that a person is a Salafi if the Sunnah is predominant in him and he is an innovator if bidah is predominant in him is from those misleading statements or affairs that are brought forth for the purpose of deceiving people with a clever but misleading statement].

There is no doubt that the one in whom innovation is predominant is an innovator but it is not a condition. For example, that he has thirty (affairs) of bidah with him and twenty (affairs) of Sunnah – because he may have one bidah with him and that leads to the verdict of tabdee (declaring him an innovator) being put upon him.

Rather the verdict of disbelief (kufr) may be passed against him even if he adheres to all the Sunnah, but then he said, “Indeed the Quran is created,” do we say that the Sunnah is predominant in this (person so he is still a Salafi)?

The Salaf (pious predecessors) declared (people) disbelievers due to this (i.e. the belief that Quran was created) because the Quran is the Speech of Allah and it is not created and the Salaf held a consensus (ijmah) regarding this.

So if he said, “I am a Sunni (i.e. a Salafi) and the Quran is created!” we would say, ”You are an innovator, a misguided one, rather this innovation of yours is tantamount to disbelief.  So either you recant (from this) or else you are a disbeliever.”  

Thus we would clarify the truth for him and unless he recants, he is a disbeliever.

Or he (may) reject the Ruyah (i.e. he rejects the fact that the believers will see Allah on the day of judgement) and says, “I am a Sunni (Salafi) in everything except in this, for I do not believe that Allah will be seen in the afterlife.” This one [the person who says this] has belied the Quran and the Sunnah.

Therefore, this principle (that a person is a Sunni Salafi or an innovator depending whether the Sunnah or Bidah is predominant in him) is false; and how many (a person) with a single bidah -from the major bidah – were declared innovators by the Salaf. The Salaf declared as innovator Jad Ibn Dirham who had two major innovations – negation of the attributes of Allah and the statement (i.e. the belief) that the Quran is created – whilst he used to pray, observe fasting and worship Allaah (despite all this and only tw he was still declared an innovator). And how many of Ahlul bidah and the Ubbaad (those dedicated to worship) have numerous affairs of the Sunnah, but alongside this he is an innovator!

Therefore, it is obligated on the Sunni (i.e. the Salafi) to be solely dedicated to the truth and that his deen (i.e. creed and acts of worship) are pure and not stained by anything from the (affairs) of bidah.

However if he [a person upon the Sunnah] falls into a bidah khafiyyah (an affair of innovation that is obscure or hard to detect), whilst he is desirous of the truth and seeking after it and if the people were to inform him [with evidences about the bidah he fell into] he would recant – then we [the Salafis] do not pass the judgement of tabdee upon this person.

Also if he had passed away we ask Allah to forgive him and we do not pass the verdict of tabdee against him.

Additionally if he is alive we advice him [with kindness and patiences] but if he [does not] accept [the truth] then we pass the verdict of tabdee against him.”


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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