When Is A Person Judged To Be Salafi? – Shaykh ’Abdul Malik Ar-Ramadaanee

Shaykh AbdulMalik Ar-Ramadaanee said, “A person is Salafi if her/his creed is Salafi, this is the principled definition which cannot be rejected.

We are in no need of saying “so and so has “Salafi creed and Salafi Manhaj”, as I do not like the differentiation between creed and manhaj and I have never seen that any of the people of knowledge held to this [differentiation] nor that there have been any writings or sciences in regards to this. It was rather something which was invented by some of the Qutbis [modern day Khawarij] and then adopted by some Salafis, as manhaj is from creed so there is no need for the differentiation*.

The intent of ‘manhaj’ is [for example] dealing with the leaders and not rebelling against them, this is from the aqeedah as it is found in the books of aqeedah alhamdulillaah.

If the intent is ‘dawah’ and dealing with the innovators in dawah then this is also part of creed and is present [in the books] alhamdulillaah.

Thus, there is no need for us to say ‘so and so has Salafi creed and Salafi manhaj’. Creed and manhaj does not separate, as everyone who has Salafi aqeedah is a Salafi [based on the fact that.

So we have to highly regard aqeedah and we say this definition in order to emphasis a prevention so that it is not open for all and sundry to try to enter into it?

Why? Because there are foundational principles and it is not possible for example for an Ikhwanee from the Ikhwaan ul-Muslimeen [Muslim Brotherhood] to enter into it even though he could agree with you in terms of Allaah’s Names and Attributes and the belief of the Salaf us-Saalih in the issue, [but they] uphold rebellion against the leaders. Such an individual is not a Salafi, as whoever upholds rebellion is to be regarded as being among the Khawarij as it is from their prominent foundational principles.

A person can be outside the fold of Salafiyyah if he upholds a madhabs which is prominent from a madhabs of Ahlu Bidah [like the Ashari, Sufi or Khawarij madhab for example]…”

Ref: brixtonmasjid.co.uk

Footnote by AhluSunnahWalJamaah.Com

* Manhaj is from creed because manhaj is the practical manifestation
and application of a persons creed. Every action a person does which could be viewed as an action which steams from that persons manhaj is build upon that person’s creed (Islamic belief’s in his heart). Likewise every action of manhaj a person holds is permissible is a point of creed for him; he holds in his heart that Allah is pleased with such actions and has legislated those actions for mankind.

This is why a person’s creed and manhaj can not be separated hence any one with sound creed will have a sound manhaj and anyone with the incorrect aqeedah will have a incorrect manhaj.

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