Is Establishing The Evidence [Iqaamat Ul-Hudjdjah] A Requirement Before Making Tabdi [Deeming Someone An Innovator]? – Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee

Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmee said, “Tabdi(1) does not depend on establishing the evidence upon him, rather he is advised. If the innovation is apparent, then the innovator is advised. It is not said, “Establish the evidence upon him.”

Iqamat-ul-Hudjdjah(2) is a requirement before making Takfir(3) unlike Tabdi [of a person who openly follows a madhab of Ahlu Bidah like the Khawarij or Sufiyyah or a Salafi who has fallen into a clear innovation and openly calls to it/defends it like holding Allah is everywhere or denying Allah’s pre-decree. But when an individual from Ahlu Sunnah, falls into an obscure bidah or a bidah which is difficult to determine/detect before tabdi can be placed upon him iqamat-ul-hudjdjah needs to be established upon him along with patients and good manners].

When it was said to Ahmad bin Hanbal (rahimahullah) “Ibn Abi Qutaylah of Makkah says that Ashabu’l-Hadith are an evil people!’ He said, “Heretic, Heretic, Heretic..” He removed the dust from his clothes, and said, “Heretics! Heretics! Heretics! ” 

He did not say that he would first establish the evidence upon him [as its clear only a misguided innovator would call the People Of Hadeeth evil].

Therefore Iqamat-ul- Hudjdjah is not a condition to make tabdi [in every case of tabdi it is only a condition in some cases of tabdi].”


Footnotes by AhluSunnnahWalJamaah.Com

1. Tabdi is to declare a Muslim to be an innovator and therefore outside the sphere of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

2. Establishing the evidence upon a person – when a scholar uses evidences from the Quran, Sunnah, Ijmah (consensus of the Sahaba (radhiAllahu ‘anhum)) and statements of the Salaf to establish beyond any shadow of a doubt that a person’s error has put them outside the fold of either Salafiyyah (so the person has become an innovator) or outside the fold of Islam (because the person has now become a disbeliever due to a certain statement, action or belief he currently knows).

3. Takfir is to declare a person to be an disbeliever outside the fold of Islam.

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