Do Refutations Upon Falsehood, The Callers To Falsehood And Upon Groups Of Falsehood Harden A Person’s Heart? – Shaykh Al-Fawzaan

Shaykh Al-Fawzaan said, “Leaving off refutations is what hardens the heart, because doubts will enter the hearts, thus they will harden. As for refuting [falsehood, the callers to falsehood; the groups of falsehood] and clarifying the truth then this is what softens the hearts and returns them [Ahlu Bidah] to the truth.

Therefore do not pay attention to the likes of these false statements [, “Refutations harden the hearts,”] which originate from people who wish to promote falsehood and doubts without raising objects to it or refuting it; and they say this is freedom of opinion, this is another opinion. This is an opinion and this is another opinion meaning the religion will become opinions [and everyone is free to have his own opinion in all Islamic matters, so know person has the right to refute anothers opinion in any religious issue]. The religion does not contain opinions it contains revelation from Allah the Exalted, revelation from the All Wise, Worthy of all praise.

Allah has not entrusted us to our opinions or intellects. Rather he commanded us to follow the book and the Sunnah; to gain an understanding of them; to work by them and to refute that which opposes them from the doubts and false statements. If it were not for the refutations upon the people of falsehood the truth would not be aided and the truth would not be clarified to the people.

But I say and I continue to say, no one refutes these issues [of falsehood, the callers to falsehood and the groups of falsehood] except the people of knowledge. As for the leaner, the student of knowledge and the one who pretends to have knowledge it is not permissible for him to refute these issues; because perhaps he will refute with ignorance consequently his refutation will be more evil than what he was refuting. Because the refutation not based upon knowledge; its evil becomes more than the refutation.

Therefore I say, no one refutes except the people of knowledge, those firmly grounded in knowledge, those who refute with knowledge, [strong] arguments and [correct] evidence. As for those who are not firmly grounded in knowledge then they do not refute the doubts, because perhaps the refutation will be more corrupt than what is being refuted.”


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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