Does Too Much Talk About Manhaj Harden The Heart? – Shaykh Rabee

Does Too Much Talk About Manhaj Harden The Heart?

Shaykh Rabee said, “[Some say too much talk about the manhaj hardens the heart] meaning that a lot of talk about manhaj, correcting it and studying it hardens the heart, but [some seem to think] calling to myths, innovations, misguidance and to the ideas of the khawarij [and other misguided sects] softens the heart – mashallah [- how wrong they are]!!!

The actions [i.e. the dawah] needed to correct the manhaj [of the majority of the ummah who are upon other than the correct Salafi manhaj] is a great affair that must be done and there is a lot of misguidance concerning this [correct Salafi] manhaj and no matter how much a person was to speak about it, his efforts would be minuscule in relation to what is required in this affair [but some claim talking about the correct manhaj hardens the heart while in fact talking about the correct manhaj softens the ummahs hearts to the correct manhaj]…

[With all that said, somethink] talk upon: the methodology of Tabligh (Jamaat); upon the methodology of the Muslim Brotherhood; the methodology of the people who are astray; the methodology of the Ahlu Bidah; myths, deviated creeds, politics, socialism and [misguided] ideological beliefs, this mashallah softens the heart!!!

Is this a correct statement?

This foolish statement is not able to stand up to the true Islamic manhaj [as talk upon what was just mentioned brings about destruction of the heart and leads to a person’s misguidance].”


Posted by Abdul Kareem Ibn Ozzie


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