Feeling Lonely Upon The Path Of The Salaf (As-Salafiyyah) – Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jabiree

Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jabiree (hafidhahullāh ta’āla) said, “That in every time and in every place that Allah (subhānahu wa ta’āla) will bring forth those who will aid his religion.

The number of those who adhere to the truth [i.e. Salafiyyah] may find that those in opposition [i.e. Ahlu Bidah] are greater in number.

[But] this should not make you [the Salafiyyoon] feel lonely [as there are] three matters that can console and bring comfort to you [Ahlu Sunnah, Salafiyyeen].

1. The first matter is that your companions upon this path of truth and guidance are four types of people mentioned in the ayah and they were the Prophets, the siddiqun (the true believers), the martyrs and the righteous.

Allah said, “And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger then they will be in the company of those upon whom Allah has bestowed His Grace, from the Prophets and the siddiqun (the true believers), the martyrs and the righteous and how excellent these companions are.” (4:69)

When one realises that his companions are those mentioned then this loneliness will disappear, and he will have firm determination. He will be energetic and courageous, not fearing the blame of the blamers and the large numbers of the opponents and the small number of those who are with him, his trust and determination to stick to this path will not weaver.

So the one whose companion is from the best of mankind will not become lonely rather he will increase in firmness, patience, certainty and strength.

2. The second matter which should comfort and console those who are feeling lonely is that it is narrated upon Ibn Abbas (radiyallāhu ta’āla anhuma) in the Sahīhain – meaning in al-Bukhari and Muslim – where the Prophet said, “I saw a Prophet with a small group with him, and a Prophet with two people and a Prophet with one, and a Prophet with none.”

This hadith is a clear proof to establish that the crucial factor does not lie in huge numbers, meaning the majority, rather the crucial factor is in attaining the truth. Those who attest to the truth [the Salafis], those who follow the truth [the Salafis], those who aid the truth [the Salafis], they are the truthful and they are the ones who will be successful and enter Jannah (Paradise).

3. The third matter is based on that which is authentically narrated upon the Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhūī wa sallam). This narration is the statement of the Prophet (ʿalaihi al-salātu wa salām), “That the trustworthy ones from every generation will carry this ilm (knowledge). They will remove the distortions of the extremists and the tales of the liars and the false interpretations of the ignorant.” (Saheeh: Related by al-Bayhaqee in Sunanul-Kubraa (10/209), Ibn Abee Haatim in al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel (2/17) and Ibn ‘Abdil-Barr in at-Tamheed (1/57-58). Authenticated by Imaam Ahmad in Sharafu Ashaabul-Hadeeth (p.29) of al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee.)

So, the crucial factor and the true scale is in following the Messenger. Because Allah never made any one, an example to be followed in their essence, in themselves, except him, the Prophet.

As Allah (subhānahu wa ta’āla) said, (with the explanation) “Indeed in the Messenger of Allāh you have a good example, to follow for him who hopes in meeting with Allāh (subhānahu wa ta’āla), and the Last Day and remembers Allāh much.”(33:21)” Ref: troid.ca

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