Advice For The Salafi Dawah Organisations And Salafi Callers In North America And Britain – Shaykh Khalid Uthman Al-Misri Along With Shaykh Hasan Abdul Wahhaab Al-Bannas Endorsement (Including Quotes From Shaykh Rabee)

Shaykh Khalid Uthman Al-Misri said, “…As a form of being explicit and frank in enforcing the truth and declaring falsehood, I say, there [seems to be] a [a Salafi] dawah group [containing some Salafi callers] in Britain and [North] America which thinks that the Salafi dawah is something they have a monopoly over and that it is mandatory that anyone desiring to conduct any affairs of the dawah like organizing lectures with the people of knowledge and bringing some of them (to participate) in knowledge-based seminars must do so by way of them.

In addition if another (organized) body for giving dawah – who are Salafi just like them [and contain other Salafi callers not connected to their Salafi dawah group] – were to undertake any effort in giving dawah, – no matter how great [or little] – then they despise it, belittle it and they treat [that group’s] people with disrespect, calling for their actions to require rectifications.

Simply, because they did not act (give dawah) by way of them [or checking with them first].

This is an enormous calamity and these callers are in need of taking a moment of reflection with themselves [and a moment to ask themselves, are they] being strictly sincere in such [actions] for the sake of Allah.

Allah says, “Whoever is saved from his own greed, they are the successful ones.” (Surah al-Taghabun 64:16)

More treacherous than that – and this is what we distance our brothers from the well-known Salafi callers in Britain and [North] America from – is that some of these [Salafi] groups of dawah [or some of the Salafi callers] are from those who have cunningly and deceitfully hidden themselves behind some of the scholars.

Just as our Shaykh Rabi bin Hadi –حفظه الله– said in ‘Khaturah al-Haddadiyyah al-Jadidah Wa Awjah al-Tashabbuh Baynaha Wa Bayna al-Rafidha’ as is (present) in  ‘al-Majmu’ al-Wadih fi Raddi Manhaj Wa Usul Falih’ and in ‘Majmu’ Rasa’il Wa Muallifat al-Allamah Rabi bin Hadi (9/416):

“With their hatred for them, meaning; the Scholars of the Sunnah and their opposition of them in their foundations, methodology and positions is just like what the Rafidis do when they hide behind the Family of the Prophet whilst they oppose them in their methodology, foundations and their hatred for the majority of them.

Why do they do this?

Answer: In order that they unite themselves to be able to dump anyone who wages a war against them from the People of the Sunnah and to establish themselves in being able to attack them, tarnishing [their reputations], tarnishing their foundations so they achieve their goals in eliminating the Salafi Manhaj and making them attack one another.”

I say [Khalid Uthman] that America and Britain are in need of the efforts of hundreds rather thousands of scholars and Salafi callers to teach Tawheed, the Sunnah and the Salafi Methodology amongst those societies which are filled with people of disbelieving religions and misguided calls.

Consequently, if we find someone who has efforts in dawah – even if it were small – then it is obligatory upon us to aid and support him.

Moreover, if, we find weakness in him, then we strengthen and provide treatment upon him and we do not fail, forsake nor despise him.

Imam Muslim has reported (2564) from the narration of Abu Hurayrah who said that the Prophet said, “Do not be envious of one another; do not artificially raise prices against one another; do not hate one another; do not turn one’s back on each other; and do not undercut one another in business transactions. And be, [O] servants of Allah, brethren. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He does not wrong him. He does not fail him [when he needs him]. He does not lie to him. Moreover, he does not show contempt for him. Piety is here” – and he pointed to his chest three times. “It is enough of evil for a person to hold his brother Muslim in contempt. All of a Muslim is inviolable to another Muslim: his blood, his wealth and his honor.”

Allah has informed us about the hypocrites, [the meaning of His statement found at Surah al-Tawbah 9:79]: “Those who defame such of the believers who give charity (in Allah’s cause) voluntarily, and such who could not find to give charity (in Allah’s cause) except what is available to them, so they mock at them (believers), Allah will throw back their mockery on them, and they shall have a painful torment.”
Imam al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim have reported on the authority of Abu Mas’ud who said about this verse: “When we were commanded to give the Sadaqah, we were labourers. Abu Aqil came with half a Sa’ (of dates) and another man (Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf) brought more than that. The hypocrites exclaimed, “Surely Allah is in no need of this charity, and this second one has not done it but to show off.’

This verse, “Those who defame such of the believers who give charity (in Allah’s cause) voluntarily, and such who could not find to give charity (in Allah’s cause) except what is available to them…” [Surah al-Tawbah 9:79]:

It is not permissible for the manners of the hypocrites to infiltrate amid the Salafis without them perceiving it because of the seduction of Satan and his incitement to evil.

Allah [the meaning of His statement in the Qur’an] “O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam and follow not the footsteps of the Satan. Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.” (Surah al-Baqarah 2:208)

I advise all of my brothers to act upon the advice of our Shaykh al-Allamah Rabi bin Hadi, ‘The Encouragement of Love and Harmony and a Warning from Splitting and Differing…’ where he –حفظه الله– said:

“Brotherhood between all of the People of the Sunnah [is a must]…The Salafis (are in need of) disseminating the spirit of love and brotherhood amongst themselves in order to achieve that which the Messenger of Allah informed us of:”The believers are like a building, they strengthen one another…” The believers are like one body, if one part of the body complains then the rest of the body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

Be like this, O brothers stay away from those elements which cause splitting because, [I swear] by Allah they are a dangerous, evil and deadly disease so stay away from the causes which lead to grudges, hatred, splitting, and mutual rivalry.

Stay away from these things which have become dominant these days by the hands of a people whom Allah knows their (true) condition.

Allah knows their (true) condition and intentions.

This has become prevalent as it has increased and torn apart the youth in this land [Saudi Arabia], in the university [of Madeenah] and other than it in the (different) places of the world.

Why? Because a people have come to the field of dawah who are not from its people, not in knowledge nor in understanding. May Allah bless you.

It is possible that there are enemies disguised amongst the Salafis to rip and split them apart. This is not something farfetched, rather something absolutely possible, may Allah bless you.

Strive hard to attain this brotherhood and if something of aversion has come between you [and another Salafi brother], then forget about the past and produce a new clean slate (between you).”
I [Khalid Uthman] say to the [Salafi] brothers: whoever falls short, then we do not drop him nor do we destroy him. Whoever makes an error from amongst us then we do not demolish him, may Allah bless you.

Rather we cure him with love and gentleness and so on, until he returns and if he were to remain on what he was upon then do not rush in (applying a ruling) upon him otherwise [I swear] by Allah no one [from amongst us] will remain.

We ask Allah the Sublime to reunite the hearts of our Salafi brothers in America, Britain and in every land; He is All-Hearer, the One who is near and the Responsive [to supplications].

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, his Family and his Companions.”



The above advice has been endorsed and backed by Shaykh Hasan Abdul Wahhaab Al-Banna, he saud about the advice:

“I’m pleased with what it contains from the legislated matters that are backed and supported with evidences, as the people of knowledge have stated that it is a must that we have knowledge of al-Islam and al-Ihsaan, and it is a must that we have knowledge of our Lord and The Messenger with evidences.

The noble brother [Shaykh Khalid] — may Allah reward him — made every effort in establishing authentic narrations for his speech. This is the affair of the people of Sunnah, may Allah make us and you from amongst them…” Ref:

Shaykh Hasan Abdul Wahhaab Al-Banna also said, “I advise those whom (Shaykh Khalid’s) speech is directed towards to fear Allah in public and private because this is a great trust.” Ref:

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