Busy Yourself With Seeking Knowkedge Not He Said She Said And Hunting For Others Mistakes – Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad

Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al-Abbaad said, “The obligation upon every Muslim, upon the students of knowledge, is to fear Allaah – ‘Azza Wa jall- and to busy themselves with seeking knowledge; and to be eager with acquiring it; and to know the path or the paths that the major scholars are upon, such as, Shaykh Ibn Baaz, Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen, Shaykh Ash-Shanqeetee, and Shaykh Al-Albaanee. Meaning, the people should be eager to be upon that which those major scholars who busied themselves with knowledge were upon.

As for the state of those people [some who are Salafi] who busy themselves with “he said, she said”, and follow the mistakes or search for the errors [of other Salafis], and then warn from individuals due to the fact that he has this or that, or that he’s gotten this or that, then busying himself with this distracts from knowledge and it’s not upon him to busy himself with that. It’s upon the people to be eager to benefit themselves from the people of knowledge and return to them.

If there comes a mistake from them, and he is from Ahlu Sunnah, those who busy themselves with knowledge, then do not abandon, reject, and warn from him. Rather you should benefit from him and reject his mistakes and warn from his mistake as well.

If he is abandoned, neglected, and warned against, then this is not the way of virtuousness, and it is not the way to learn knowledge; because Ahlu Sunnah, if they were upon this way – meaning they go to every little thing – then there will not remain a single person! Meaning from those people!

It is upon the people to be eager to attain knowledge and busy themselves with knowledge. They should not busy themselves with “he said, she said” because those who busy themselves with this will not acquire knowledge and they will not be busy with seeking knowledge, they will be busy with “he said, she said”! There is nothing useful from this, rather he’ll acquire harm from this and that is to speak about others. This will cut the ways which have good and reform.

Also who has benefited from this preoccupation [not his family nor any others in his community].

[Lastly] busying himself with issues like this which he is not permitted to preoccupy himself with [does not benefit him]. It’s not permissible to preoccupy ones time with this.”

Ref: Q&A session at the Imaam Daarul Hijrah Al-’Illmiyyah (3-7, 1430) in Masjid Qiblatayn in Madeenah An-Nubuwwah via al-athaar.org

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