• The heads of the Ashari Maturidi Sufis of our time and their followers are known as Sufis, Ahlus Sunnah (but they are realy Ahlu Bidah), Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah (but they are realy Ahlu Bidah Wal Baatil) or Asharis but they are mainly known as Sufis.
  • The heads of this dawah have fused together three deviant aqeedahs (beliefs) in to one. So they have taken the Sufi aqeedah, the Ashari aqeedah and the Maturidi aqeedah.
  • Today’s Sufis follow the creed of the Jahmiyyah and Mutazilah in regards to Allahs names and attributes however they try to hide this creed and pretended to follow the early Asharis creed of Kullabiyyah.

They agree with the Jahmiyyah and Mutazilah and make taweel (figurative interpretation) and tateel (rejection of Allahs attribute) of Allah being above His Throne, with his Essence and the sifaat dhaatiyyah, such as Allahs face, two hands and two eyes.

The early Khullabi Asharis affirm all these things with out taweel, tateel or tafweedh (claiming only Allah knows the meaning of the Attribute even though the meaning is known in the Arabic language but how the attributes works is unknown)).

The Sufis who claim to be Ashari Maturidi in their creed but who realistically have followed the creed of Jahmiyyah and Mutazilah have added to the Jahmiyyah and Mutazilah creed concerning Allahs names and attributes.

They have added the innovation of tafweedh of Allahs names and attributes in addition too their innovated taweel and disgusting tateel. They claim by doing tafweedh they are following the salaf (early generations of Muslims) however this is one of the greatest lies upon the salaf.

Sufis have permitted duaa to the prophets and the dead awliyah, duaa to Allah through the prophets and the dead awliyah.

Sufis believe it is halaal to blind follow of a madhab or a Sufi ‘shaykh’ to the point that they allow the following of only one madhab or shaykh in every issue without knowing their evidences believing this madhab or shaykh is correct on every issue, while rejecting every other madhabs or shaykhs on every issue without knowing their evidences, believing they are wrong on every issue.

They call to Wahdat al-Wajood a concept based upon the idea that nothing exists other than Allah, and the creation is merely the manifestation of Allah. This implies that the creation is Allah, and Allah does not exist outside the creation.

According to them, Tawheed (lit. making one) is complete negation of all created things (everything in existence) and confirmation of the existence of Allah. Based on this concept Sufis believe it is shirk in the divine attribute of existence (Wajood) to believe in and affirm the true existence of any creation other than Allah.)

Wahdat al-Wajood was a concept unknown to the prophet and sahaba as it was a concept created by a Sufi scholar Ibn Arabi.

Sufis think the prophet Mohammed was created from noor (light) of Allah.

Also Sufis understand that there is a thing in Islam called bidah hasanah (praiseworthy/good innovation) while in Islam there is no good bidah there is only bidah sai’yya (offensive innovation) which is clear cut haram.

The word bidah hasanah can only be used in a linguistic sense in reference to one of two circumstances;

  1. When people in an area have forgotten a particular act of worship (Sunnah) and then someone revives that Sunnah this would be called a bidah hasanah.
  2. When people in a particular area where unaware of a particular act of worship (sunnah) and then they discover it and implement it or someone new to that area comes and introduces them to that particular sunnah, the salaf would class this as bidah hasanah.

This is a list of the heads of the Sufi dawah in this era:

  • Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari,

Brother Abu Khadeejah On Muhammad Ibn Adam al-Kawthari

Brother Abdullah Abu Zuhayr About Riyadh Ul Haq Part 1

Brother Abdullah Abu Zuhayr About Riyadh Ul Haq Part 2

Brother Abdullah Abu Zuhayr About Riyadh Ul Haq Part 3

  • Nazim Al-Haqqani,

Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari On Nazim Al-Haqqani Part 1

Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari On Nazim Al-Haqqani Part 2

  • Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri,

Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari On Tahir ul-Qadri

The Danger of Tahir ul-Qadri

  • G F Haddad,
  • Nuh Keller,

Brother Abu Iyaad On Nuh Keller Part 1

Brother Abu Iyaad On Nuh Keller Part 2

Brother Abu Iyaad On Nuh Keller Part 3

Brother Abu Iyaad On Nuh Keller Part 4

  • Hamza Yusuf,

Brother Abu Khadeejah On  Hamza Yusuf 

Abdul Hakim Murad (T. J. Winter),

  • al-Habib al-Jifri

Shaykh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdillah ar-Rajhi On al-Habib al-Jifri

Shaykh Fawzaan On al-Habib al-Jifri

All of these people have been refuted and warned against or their incorrect deviations in aqeedah have been warned against by the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah, some of these scholars are:

  •  Shaykh Fawazaan
  • Shaykh Uthaymeen
  • Shaykh Bin Baz
  • Shaykh Albannee
  • Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin Al-Abbaad Aal-Badr
  • Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Aqeel
  • And many more.

These heads of the modern Ashari Maturidi Sufi movement vary in their degrees of Maturidiyyah, Sufiyyah and Ashariyyah like wise their levels of knowledge, closeness to the Sunnah and fame differ but all of them are famous for their Ashari Maturidi Sufis views.


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