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All praise is due to Allah and Peace and Blessings be upon Rasolollah, His Family and Great Companions, Ameen.

I have been following the website http://AhluSunnahWalJamaah.Com for a good period and found it Walillahi Alhamd one of the excellent Salafee websites which presents the true and proper Salafee methodology in a very understandable way. Much care is given to referring Muslims to the Salafi scholars around the globe and presenting their works in an easy way, so that the common Muslim can be educated.

May Allah the AlMighty increase those who are behind it in both knowledge and health and make their works sincerely for the sake of Allah and benefit through them the largest number of Muslims.

Written by

Mohammed Ibn Abdullah Al-Maliki
Imam of Albaraa Ibn Malik Mosque
KAIA Camp, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Brief Study Biography Of Shaykh Mohammed Al-Maliki

The shuyookh he studied from (or under) are:

Al-Imaam Abdul `Azeez bin Baaz (yarhamhu-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah, Tafsir, Fiqh, and Fara’ed.

Al-Imaam Muhammad ibn Saalih Al `Uthaymeen (yarhamhu-Allah). Subjects of: Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafsir, Naho, and Fara’ed.

Ash-Shaikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Aal-ush-Shaykh, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Sheikh Saalih ibn Fawzaan Al Fawzaan (yahfadho-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah and Fiqh.

Ash-Shaikh Abdullah Al Ghedayyan (yahfadho-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah.

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Amaan bin Ali Al Jaamee (yarhamahu-Allah). Subject: Aqeedah.

Ash-Shaikh and Al-Allamah Muhammad bin Abdullah As-Somali (yarhamhu-Allah). Subject: Sahih Muslim.

Dr. Sheikh Rabee` bin Hadi Al Madhkhalee (yahfadhu-Allah). Subject: Aqeedah and Hadith.

Ash-Shaikh Muhammad bin AbdulWahhab Al Banna (yahfadhu-Allaah). Subject: variety of subjects.

Ash-Shaikh `Ubayd bin Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Jabiree (yahfadhu-Allaah). Subjects: I read and studied from him in variety of subjects.

Ash-Shaikh Ahmed bin Yahya An-najmi (yarhamhu-Allah). Subjects: I read on him “Aqeedat Arraziyyeen”.

Ash-Shaikh Zayd bin Hadi Al Madkhalee (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah and Fiqh.

Ash-Shaikh Muhammad At-Tayeb Ashanqeeti (yarhamho-Allah). Subjects: Naho and Sarf.

Dr. Sheikh Saalih bin Sa’ad As-Suhaymee (yahfadh-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah and Fiqh.

Dr. Sheikh Abdu-Rahman Muyee-Addeen (yahfadhu-Allah).

Ash-Shaikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais, Imam and Khateeb of Al Masjid Al haram (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Alqawa’ed Alfiqhiyah Alkhams Alkubra.

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad ibn Hadee Al Madhkhalee (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: I read to him (unto him) from “Al Adaab Ashare’yah by Ibn Mofleh”

Dr. Sheikh Ibraheem Ar-Ruhaili (yahfadhu-Allaah). Subjects: Aqeedah.

Dr. Sheikh Sulaiman Ar-Ruhaili (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Usool AlFiqh.

Dr. Sheikh Ali bin Ghazi At-Tuwaijiri (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah and Tafsir.

Dr. Sheikh Abdus-Salam bin Salem As-Suhaimi (yahfadu-Allah). Subjects: Fiqh.

Dr. Sheikh Mesa’ad Al-Hussaini (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Tafsir.

Ash-Shaikh Ali bin Hasan Al-Halabi (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Mustalah Alhadith.

Ash-Shaikh Saleem bin Eid Al-Hillali (yahfadhu-Allaah).

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad bin Omar Ba-zmool (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Fiqh.

Dr. Sheikh Wasi`ullah Abaas (hafidhah-Allah).

Dr. Sheikh Rashed Al-Hazaa, President of Jeddah Courts. Subjects: Fara’edh.

Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jarboo (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Aqeedah.

Ash-Shaikh Umar Al-Harkan (yahfadhu-Allah). Subjects: Fara’edh and Naho.

Ash-Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Juhani (yahfadhu-Allaah). Subjects: Aqeedah and Naho.

Ash-Shaikh Sayeed Sahalaan (hafidhah-Allaah). Subjects: From Sahih Al-Bukhari.

Dr. Sheikh Safr Al-hawali (before his replacement). Subject: From At-tahawiyah.

Ash-Shaikh Mohammed bin Sa’eed Al-Qahtani (before his replacement). Subject: From “Ma’arij Al-Qubool”Ash-Shaikh Nurro-Deen Al-Masri (yahfadhu-Allah).

Ash-Shaikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-banna (yahfadhu Allah)Ash-Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al khayyal, former president of Jeddah Courts.

He studied closely with (under) Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Adam Al-Ethuiobi, and he is still accompanying since year 1413 H. And he took from him in variety of topics in Hadith:

o   “Sahih Al-Bukhari” with “Al-Fath” (Finished from it then repeated it since year 1429 H.).
o   “Sahih Muslim with Sharh (explanantion) An-Nawawi” (Finished from it).
o   “Sahih Muslim with Sharh (explanation) Ash-Shaikh Mohammed Adam. (Started with it since the beginning of year 1429 H. and still continuing)
o   “Sunan An-nasa’ee with sharh Ash-Shaikh” which is called “Thakherat Al-uqba fi Sharh Almujtaba)
o   “Sunan At-termithi”
o   “Sunan Ibn Majah”
o   “Alfiyat Al-Suyooti fi Al-mustalah”
o   “Elal At;termithu”
o   “Maraqi As-sa’ood”
o   “Alfiyat Ibn Malik fi An-naho”
o   “Umdat At-tafsir”

The shuyookh that he met with in general meetings:

o   Al-Imam Al-Muhaddith Mohammed Nasiru-Addin Al-Albani (rahimahu-Allah).
o   Al-Imam Al-Muhaddith Moqbil bin Hadi Al-Wadi’ee (rahimahi-Allah).
o   Dr. Sheikh Salih Al-Abbood (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Salid Aal-Ashaikh (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Hussain Aal-Ashaikh (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Sulaiman As-Suhaimi Al-Laghawi Al-Nahawi (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Abdus-Salam bin Barjas (rahimaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Mohammed bin Musa Nasr (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Mashhoor bin Hasan Salman (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Moustafa Al-Adawi (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah As-Sebayel (hafidahu-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Abdul-Malek Ar-Ramadhabi (hafidaho- Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Salih As-Sadlan (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-ShaikhAbdur-Rahman bin Aof Al-Afriqee (hafidaho-Allah).
o   Ash-Shaikh Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza’eri (hafidaho-Allah)

Biography info from – the shaykhs own website.